Monday, March 26, 2012

Throwbacks and Hot Tracks Vol.1!!!/Over 2,030 views!!!

Some of the throwback tracks are posted in order here:

C1G1-Chi-town Girls/Download it HERE!!!

Description: C1G1 are very big on remixing under the radar hit tracks and this is a remix to Charles Hamilton's-Brooklyn Girl.

A not so very old Track to love is G-Frank's-Last Minute Song/Download it HERE!!!

Description: A remix by G-Frank to Drake's-9am Dallas Freestyle. This is one of my favorite tracks from Frank's Lounge, it stands out for the unique rap style G-Frank uses on every song to make it a classic.

Enjoy, Thank you for your time.

Oh and before I forget, We are currently over 2,030 views on the page and 103 downloads on the Good Evening remix!!! Dope shit thanks to all the listeners...Thank You as well and continue to hit the site up!!

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