Monday, August 18, 2014

Frank's Lounge 2 Available for Download Now!!!!

The long awaited follow up to G Frank's own; Frank's Lounge mixtape has finally landed in my very hands. I personally apologize for the wait on this one. I had to listen and give my own take on this project, then upload and other things to prep this one for downloads. This has got to be my most favorite project this year. Just before the fall hits, Frank's Lounge 2 is the pure sound of progression. Lots of new flows were used and the production has taken a life on its own. G Frank definitely delivers on this one, and for new fans who have missed the previous projects this is a perfect starting point. Without further delay I bring you Frank's Lounge 2.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Garage Days

G-Frank had just hit me with new music a couple days ago and Im pleased to say this guy is making a good name for himself right now. Delivering with a new sound from the streets of Chicago he unwraps who he really is on these latest tracks and speaks truth where its needed. If you havent heard the latest music you really missing out on the goods. As this mixtape unfolds it sounds like something of our era that you would want to be a part of. Without further delay Im glad to bring you a preview of G-Frank's Garage Days.

Garage Days
Champion Remix Download Here!
Started From the Bottom Remix Download Here!

Monday, February 4, 2013

We Are Back 02-4-13!

New year new music! G-Frank new single H & M Dreams is out and satisfying listeners all over the world. If you didnt know the blog and the music has a fanbase in about 3-4 countries you know now. We are continuing to satisfy and move forward in the music world! Actually just now I uploaded the track (literally seconds ago) and there are 2 replays and one download.

To the fans and listeners all over we thank you & we will continue to do what we do, Also we are currently at 7,157 views!

Now for the moment you all have long awaited I bring you H & M Dreams...available for download HERE!!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Hustle is Real.

As we continue to feed the hip-hop community I figure its very important to push more music forward. Lately C1G1's G-Frank has been no less than persistent when it comes to the music, always pushing new tracks and remixes to remain a solid artist in the spotlight he has created. Working with his loyal team to produce the next mixtape G.W.D.(Good at what I do), he brings the next single that will show his fans that this is what he brings to the table. I have to give it up to G-Frank and this should be your reason to, listen and download the new track Slapped HERE!!!!!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Good At What I Do...

I recently had a chance to get in the studio with C1G1's G-Frank, where he discussed his latest project titled: Good at What I Do. He even hit us with a couple tracks from the mixtape, after a minute or two of listening its well acknowledged that the skills just keep getting sharper. From: Good at What I Do, I bring you Courtney's Interlude and Strippers .

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Updates 8-12-12!!

Back at it again G-Frank with his new single: Fuck You, Available for download HERE!!!
G-Frank has currently been in the studio and this is one of many tracks to show the outcome of the hustle.

In other updates the group wasn't able to make the show appearance at the new artist expo, but they are currently working on another mixtape. No info on what date the project is due to release but its confirmed that the project is under construction.

Also the blog views continue to grow thanks to YOU!  Leave a comment for a shoutout! Show love to the group for an exclusive shout out via twitter and the facebook page.

And as always, Thank you