Wednesday, June 13, 2012


The showcase was confirmed for C1G1 on July 21st. The show starts at 5pm so if you want tickets (they are $20) comment below or hit my twitter for details @TheRealXspence. Join us in showing love for C1G1 and helping them represent the city!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updates 06-12-2012

Last night I watched as the blog reached 4,000 views, thanks to all the dedicated viewers. The updates are as followed: New music coming between today and Friday-the latest from Dre'Dunn ft C1G1's Xspence-I'm here.
(I don't want to jump the gun on this one) C1G1 are said to be scheduled for an artist showcase in Chicago on July 21st. We are awaiting to have this set in stone for the promotion of the group. If so tickets are $20 each and we will be giving away tickets right here on The Come-Up. Stay tuned for upcoming news and the latest events!

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