Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back up and Running!!! 01-24-12

As of today I have took it upon myself as the manager of this blog to keep it running for the sake of the music. C1G1 is still a movement! And 2012 is expected to be the year we will release the most music we ever have. To update on everything that has been going on we have decided to go back and bring you the many freestyles of C1G1's very own G-Frank. He has been in the studio and dedicated a lot of time into his 1st solo mixtape titled Frank's lounge. When we receive the final copy it will be posted.
Thank you to all the fans that have been keeping up with the movement, and to those who didn't we will make you fans again.

Shout out to BSP productions, and also to the entire production team behind Frank's lounge.