X$pencive Bio

Corey Xspence better known as "Fresco" or "X$pence" (born August 23,1991of Native American and African American descent) was raised on the south side of Chicago Illinois. Influenced by his older brother's art skills, he started off as an artist drawing pictures for other students in elementary school, then later desired to pursue his dream for making music in 2004. Setting his art aside, he started to write poems and music at the age of 13. After starting high school at 14, he impressed his Literature teacher with a amazing short book of poems he had put together past due for a class project. Her reaction to the book was tears and congratulating the young student on such a good job. She and her husband attempted influenced Corey to consider publishing of the short book, but he refused deciding that it was not the path he wanted to take in his career. A year later in high school he met "G-Frank" (Gus) and learned from many freestyles heard that they would be a successful duo if working together. The two immediately joined to create what would be known as C1G1 Under the management of BSP. Following their graduation in 2009; C1G1 recorded the first mix tape titled: Composition Crooks, which featured a number of popular tracks in the fan crowd they caught attention of. They also (with the help of BSP) created a saga of web shows known as "In The Studio" featuring episodes 1-6 and many other videos as well.